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Hawthorn Farm Athletic Club (HFAC) is a neighborhood fitness and sports center with the look and feel of a resort/vacation spa. Our incredible staff is dedicated to your heath, fitness and enjoyment.

Our local family ownership guarantees we are invested in the health of the Hillsboro community. We care because it's where we live too!

Membership Types:

Individual: A single member between the ages of 18 and 64.

Mature Individual: A single member age 65 or above.

Couple: Two individuals residing at the same residence who are between the ages of 18 and 64. Or, a Primary Member parent/legal guardian and their child who resides at the same residence.

Mature Couple: Same as Couple membership, but the Primary Member is age 65 or above.

The following additions may be made to any Hawthorn Farm Athletic Club Membership:

Add Children: Any and all dependent children and step-children, age 23 and under, living at the same residence as the Primary Member.

Add Extended Family: Memberships for nannies, grand-parents, grown children, or other extended family are added to the Primary Membership (contact us for details). Please note that each Membership receives a single invoice. The Primary Member is responsible for all charges on the account, including those of children, extended family, spouse/partner, and guests.


• You will need to fill out a Membership Agreement Form and sign the Rules and Regulations form.
• Please bring current photo ID (and a canceled check if you are electing for EFT payment.)
• Before application you will be informed if any waiting list exists and an estimated time for your membership to activate.