Indoor Climbing Wall /

Our large, bright, and safe indoor climbing space is fun for all ages and levels

Climbing Wall Lead
Keith Mussallem



• Mondays 3:30-8:00 pm
• Wednesdays 4:00-8:00 pm
• Thursdays 4:00-8:00 pm
• Saturdays 12:00-3:00 pm
* The Rockwall may be reserved and in use at other times for private events or Summer Camps

Climbing is fun for everyone. We encourage you to give it a try. There is no judgment in climbing. A beginner can climb next to an expert. Our staff is constantly adding new programs and events for you to enjoy.

Climbing is a full body workout. It does require some strength, but it is more about balance and using your whole body together as a unit. If you climb on a regular basis, your strength and stamina will grow.

Our goal is to provide a safe climbing environment, from the wall, to the ropes, harnesses and belay devices. Climbing can be and should be a safe activity for the entire family.

Our Indoor Climbing Wall and all equipment is visually inspected every day that we are open. The top anchors are double-checked monthly for security. Every six months the entire wall support system is safety-checked.

The facility is available for use ONLY during posted hours and when Climbing Wall Staff are present. For Open Climb Times, and details on current programs and events, please see the Climbing Wall Schedule/Newsletter HERE

Participants must pass or “test out” of a Learn To Belay class before belaying others.

If you need a belayer, we offer 30 minute slots during Open Climbing Times. Please sign up at the front desk. If you do not have a time slot for belaying and want to show up, feel free to do so. If someone has not showed up for their time, and/or we have room, you can join in. Reservations have priority.

If you are Belay Certified, then you do not need a reservation. Just show up during any Open Climb. If you are belaying others, and want to be belayed yourself, our staff will do their best to accommodate you, depending on the reservation schedule.

Once a month, we offer a Learn to Climb and/or Belay Class for anyone serious about learning to climb and/or belay. We will teach you necessary techniques, knot tying, harness adjustments and posture to belay anyone. We will attempt to tailor the class to your needs. Contact our staff for details.

Once you take this class you must prove to our Climbing Wall Staff that you have a working knowledge of belay technique and may then be responsible to belay at HFAC.

After passing the certification you must always wear the tag identifying your skill as a certified belayer at HFAC.

We are thrilled to have you “test out” of the Learn to Belay class. Come to our Learn to Climb and/or Belay Classes and test out of the class.

Contact the Service Desk, ask the Climbing Wall Staff, or email Keith at:

Bio of Climbing Wall Lead Keith Mussallem HERE

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